Stinky girl and the letter D

Nana is babysitting me today and she took me to the park,  We saw lots of things that start with the letter D.  First and most important is Dianne!  That's me,  Dianne starts with a D.  Here I am on a bench,  I am supposed to be sitting still but I am not.  I want to get my picture taken but I want you to see the back of my head.  Or my behind.  I am not sitting still because I am Stinky Girl!!!

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more stuff ............

Started spring cleaning.  Haven't got real far but got my bathroom mostly done and did the ceiling fans.  Youngest dd did the counters in the kitchen.  Still have to do windows and the floor there and rearrange the one set of shelves.  Need to get ready for spring planting.  Yay!!!

Redid the insurance policies.  Got the bad news from my homeowners and auto.  The auto jumped $25 a month and the home insurance was $180 a year higher.  The agent says "well we haven't had a rate increase in 3 years.  That's pretty good.  No increase is good but $180?  Please.  That's huge when you're retired.  It's huge anyway.  Kept the home owners but after they made some changes, like insuring my mobile and not my sister in laws.  Got auto through another company,  Saved quite a bit by changing,  Didn't affect the home owners rate any.  The discount goes on the auto policy, not the home owners.  

Stopped by Spencer's lawn and garden and got some cat grass seed.  Small packet of grass for indoor use that cats seem to like.  We'll see.  she was trying to nosh on the bamboo plant the other day.

More fun wiuth the 'droid

Got Kindle on the droid so now I have books.  Got it to synch with the laptop this morning.  Have more games to play too.  Put an agenda widget on.  Now all I have to do is find a better battery, or some way to keep the power from draining so much.  I gotta admit, as much as I hate phones (and that's a lot), I do like this one.  I even use it as a phone occasionally. LOL

Mailed my Mom's xmas box yesterday.  It's ok, her birthday is Tuesday and it's supposed to arrive then.  She's happy because she's getting some homemade spaghetti sauce with veggies and spices from the garden and some prickly pear jelly. 

Still working at Waldemart.  It's not a bad place to work, compared to some places.  Glad I'm not working in the store room these days.  After a few days of the Interstates being closed to tractor trailer traffic due to snow and/or high winds, the deliveries are coming in.  The back lot was full of trailers and there were two more parked at the loading bays.  There were another 5 deliveries  before my shift was over tonight. 

bits and bobs

Still working at Waldemort.  It's rally not that bad a place to work, although the company has strayed far from it's original mission.  There's less crap to put up with there than at other places I've worked (and a bit more in some respects).  The hours aren't too bad and I always get at least 2 days in a row off, usually three.  That's always a plus.  More money would be nice but it _is_ Waldemart and they're not giving up more cash to employees than they have to.  Most of the co-workers are pretty nice to work with, or at least willing to put aside differences so we can at least respect each other.  I'm still stuck on phones.  I think the only way I'm getting out of that part of the job is if I get transferred to garden or to invoice and UPC.  Could happen.  My sup is willing to allow me to train in other departments.  Never having worked in a store like this, it's really surprising to see what all goes on behind the scenes to make the store work properly.  There are as many people working behind the store area as in it.  Takes 400-500 people to properly staff any super center and most stores are those now.  The neighborhood market stores that they're opening up are the least labor intensive at less than 60 employees. 

Got a new phone.  Decided that it was stupid to pay for landline and cell service, even though the cell service was relatively inexpensive.  That and I really wanted a Droid.  Just because.  Still have to figure out why it's not synching with the laptop but that's only a matter of time.  Have figured out how to make most of the features work properly.  Thought originally that texting on a touch screen would be hard but I'm as fast as with the keyboard now.  Almost.  Still have to get Tetris on it.  Do have Angry Birds, some jewel game, and tangrams (which I've always enjoyed). 

It's been a relatively mild winter this year, I do hope we have some good rains soon, or even snow.  Water will be very scarce this summer.  They'll have to restrict water usage this summer and they really hate doing that.  We're the only major city in this area that doesn't.  I expect our new "strong" mayor will fight having to impose watering restrictions, it's not something that's part of their political agenda.  At least we have well water here so not so many restrictions for us.  Some day that well will run dry although I think it taps into an underground river. 

Dianne had a good second birthday.  She got some clothes and a farm set.  She loves her little animals.  When she opened the box, she started saying "baaa" and "mooo".   Stephana and Tianna have birthdays next month so been amassing a few things for them too.  My little girls are getting so big.  Junior is now 5 and almost ready for school.  I don't know why he isn't in kindergarten yet, Maybe his birthday is too late in the year.  He's doing well in daycare preschool though.  He's a smart little kid. 

Sopmewhere along the line, I said I'd post today

I've been semi busy.  Went back to work.  Did not want to, was enjoying retirement, but I also like paying bills and buying groceries.  So, Hi ho hi ho, it's back to work I went.  to the evil empire.  which is not, it turns out, such a bad place to land a job.  Especially if you're an older person.  They hire a lot of us grey haired types.  I am not only not the oldest person there, but I'm at least 15 years younger than the oldest person there.  Who knew?  Everyone seems to get along fairly well, So far.  I'm sure there are fellow employees and jobs to be done that I will not like but that's anywhere you go to work.  I do have to work on my feet all shift but it's only about 7 hours so not bad and I get to walk around a lot - if I'm lucky.  And with the holidays pretty much over, I don't have to be on the phones so much so I get to do other things, like process returns, clean aisles, and do a bit of restocking.  My major duty is .......... handling the phones.  I can not get away from phone duty.  And apparently they think I do it pretty well.  Handled one call and the shift manager was listening in.  She says "that was a good call.  How long do you think it lasted?"  Me "oh, maybe 20 or 25 seconds.  Too short?"  She says "you sure it was that short? The customer was pleased and you gave them what they wanted."  Me, "yes, it's that phone company training.  Get 'em on the line, romance 'em, and move 'em out.  They think they've been on a long call but it really hasn't been."

Been cleaning out the hovel.  I did the shed during the last warm streak.  I still have a few things to straighten up, things that belong to a few children that need to be boxed for disposal, one way or another.  I'm not too particularly interested in how they're disposed at this time, as long as they're gone.  I want to turn the shed into a work shop so I can work there during inclement weather.  I will be grilling in there tomorrow.  It's just a tad too windy to do so outside, and everything is set up inside so  yep, firing the barbie tomorrow.  Yay!!!  Got rid of a big stack of books that I'd finished reading but did not want to keep in my library.  #4 decided she wanted to take them.  John Grisham is always a good read.  Getting rid of the VHS tapes I have.  Don't have a player for them anyway so out of the house they go.  Next project is to rearrange the kitchen.  Need to figure a better way to store food and kitchen tools.  Maybe I can pick up a kitchen island thing to store the mixer and stuff in.  Would give me more counter space and free up the shelving units for food.  Maybe.  will have to check out Ikea and Target to see what they have.

Must finish my knitting and crochet projects I started before the holidays.  Have new ones to start.  Always.  Always new ones.  I got a new book on braiding that I want to try some techniques, and two new books for my rigid heddle loom.  I will figure it out.  Need to learn to spin.  Again.  Need to organize my stash and project queue.  Need to quit playing games and start doing stuff. Need to clean out and pare down and stick to the lines I've drawn.  I have convinced two that there's no more loans 'til everything is caught up and paid back.  #4 needs to realize that just because it's a day off, that I have nothing planned.  I frequently do, although nothing important.  Usually.  Still, they're my plans and I would like to follow through.  I would like for them to do what they've said they'd do as well.  I want my kitchen floor scrubbed.  I want the last of the planter boxes moved to the side yard.  I want laundry brought over and paid for on days that I have time to do them and not straggling in here and there.  The boy is pretty good about his laundry.  He does his during the work week and pretty much handles it by himself.  I may have to unload the washer and dryer but that's it.

I promise ...

I will post later today.  My weekend starts now.  Been catching up on reading, next, will catch up on writing.  Laters gators.