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Still working at Waldemort.  It's rally not that bad a place to work, although the company has strayed far from it's original mission.  There's less crap to put up with there than at other places I've worked (and a bit more in some respects).  The hours aren't too bad and I always get at least 2 days in a row off, usually three.  That's always a plus.  More money would be nice but it _is_ Waldemart and they're not giving up more cash to employees than they have to.  Most of the co-workers are pretty nice to work with, or at least willing to put aside differences so we can at least respect each other.  I'm still stuck on phones.  I think the only way I'm getting out of that part of the job is if I get transferred to garden or to invoice and UPC.  Could happen.  My sup is willing to allow me to train in other departments.  Never having worked in a store like this, it's really surprising to see what all goes on behind the scenes to make the store work properly.  There are as many people working behind the store area as in it.  Takes 400-500 people to properly staff any super center and most stores are those now.  The neighborhood market stores that they're opening up are the least labor intensive at less than 60 employees. 

Got a new phone.  Decided that it was stupid to pay for landline and cell service, even though the cell service was relatively inexpensive.  That and I really wanted a Droid.  Just because.  Still have to figure out why it's not synching with the laptop but that's only a matter of time.  Have figured out how to make most of the features work properly.  Thought originally that texting on a touch screen would be hard but I'm as fast as with the keyboard now.  Almost.  Still have to get Tetris on it.  Do have Angry Birds, some jewel game, and tangrams (which I've always enjoyed). 

It's been a relatively mild winter this year, I do hope we have some good rains soon, or even snow.  Water will be very scarce this summer.  They'll have to restrict water usage this summer and they really hate doing that.  We're the only major city in this area that doesn't.  I expect our new "strong" mayor will fight having to impose watering restrictions, it's not something that's part of their political agenda.  At least we have well water here so not so many restrictions for us.  Some day that well will run dry although I think it taps into an underground river. 

Dianne had a good second birthday.  She got some clothes and a farm set.  She loves her little animals.  When she opened the box, she started saying "baaa" and "mooo".   Stephana and Tianna have birthdays next month so been amassing a few things for them too.  My little girls are getting so big.  Junior is now 5 and almost ready for school.  I don't know why he isn't in kindergarten yet, Maybe his birthday is too late in the year.  He's doing well in daycare preschool though.  He's a smart little kid. 
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