Freowyn (heethen_crone) wrote,

more stuff ............

Started spring cleaning.  Haven't got real far but got my bathroom mostly done and did the ceiling fans.  Youngest dd did the counters in the kitchen.  Still have to do windows and the floor there and rearrange the one set of shelves.  Need to get ready for spring planting.  Yay!!!

Redid the insurance policies.  Got the bad news from my homeowners and auto.  The auto jumped $25 a month and the home insurance was $180 a year higher.  The agent says "well we haven't had a rate increase in 3 years.  That's pretty good.  No increase is good but $180?  Please.  That's huge when you're retired.  It's huge anyway.  Kept the home owners but after they made some changes, like insuring my mobile and not my sister in laws.  Got auto through another company,  Saved quite a bit by changing,  Didn't affect the home owners rate any.  The discount goes on the auto policy, not the home owners.  

Stopped by Spencer's lawn and garden and got some cat grass seed.  Small packet of grass for indoor use that cats seem to like.  We'll see.  she was trying to nosh on the bamboo plant the other day.
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