Freowyn (heethen_crone) wrote,

Stinky girl and the letter D

Nana is babysitting me today and she took me to the park,  We saw lots of things that start with the letter D.  First and most important is Dianne!  That's me,  Dianne starts with a D.  Here I am on a bench,  I am supposed to be sitting still but I am not.  I want to get my picture taken but I want you to see the back of my head.  Or my behind.  I am not sitting still because I am Stinky Girl!!!

We thought we would see deer but we didn't.  We did see ducks though and ducks start with the letter D.

We saw dogs walking their people.

And a dam.  Dam starts with D.  I really liked watching the water fall over the dam.

Here are two D words.  I am digging and there is a dry creek bed behind me.  Isn't this cool?  Two D words.  Three if you count Dianne.  I think you should but Nana says I'm being ridiculous now.

Here is the last D word.  It is dead, as in dead raccoon.  I don't think it looks much like a raccoon though.  Raccoons are fat and this thing is flat but it is furry like a raccoon so maybe it is.

The last picture isn't a d word.  Except for me of course.  It's me looking at a sign about blackbirds and looking into the marsh to see if I can see any.  Nana says they may be hiding in their nests because it is very windy today.  

I hope you enjoyed this little story about Stinky Girl and the letter D.

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