Just pondering this and that.  Apparently the woman that peppersprayed the Black Friday shopping crowd at Walmart is thinking of suing the store.  She claims that she was acting in self defense as people were attacking her children.  The whole Black Friday thing just makes me twitch.  I refuse to go.  Some folks nuts when you get in the way of "their" electronics.  Or whatever.  No item is worth that.  I think she should sue.  She was showing a security guard the pepperspray on a chain attached to her purse so it was nice and handy.  She was observed telling said guard that she would use it if anyone got in her way.  She should have been  sent home at that time.  She was obviously going to attack someone.  It was in her game plan so yep, the store was not providing enough security.  I think, while they're at it, someone should get Social Services involved.  The woman is obviously unbalanced.  She 1) thinks it's ok to take a child out in the middle of the night when any same person would have their child home in bed. 2) is totally willing to put her children in harm's way so she can buy a game system.  She _knows_ the situation could be dangerous because she's got pepper spray.  3) She's teaching her children that the use of violence to get what you want is acceptable behavior.

My friend wrapped the lights on the tree widdershins.  We were all teasing her.  Ok, she didn't her hubby did but I digress.  Another friend pops up with "My husband did it too"  and then I looked at _my_ tree and yes, widdershins. LOL  Must be the season.  Got the lights off but have to wait for the boy to get up so I can move the couch and get them back on.  Needs to be moved anyway so there's a bit of room around the tree and the cat will actually have to lean over to bat at it.  Realized that I probably wrap the lights widdershins every year.  OTOH, maybe not and is it the end of the world if I did?  No, just a superstition,.  

Weather is very nice for this time of year.  Except for that bloody cold spell we had earlier in the week.  Just in time for the Parade of Lights on Monday night.  I mean bitter cold.  And snowing.  And blowing.  And did I mention bitter cold?  Like 0 degrees F so like -11C?  In there.  It's 35F now which is pretty good.  It gets fairly cold at night when the skies are clear.  Clouds hold in the heat.  Supposed to be mid 50's by lunch time so decent out.  Maybe I can get the boy to put up the outside lights.  Probably not.  I do not hold out much hope.  He is not good at doing chores, not like he used to be.  He still has to move the planter boxes to the side of the house. 

Had some more thoughts but nothing of important and a cranky two year old so maybe more later.  Maybe not.

Have a great day and I hope it's sunny where you are!

Before I dive into the black hole that is Farcebook...

I have been wanting to update but haven't because ..... no good reason really.

Interviewed at Walmart Monday and Tuesday.  Apparently I start next week Tuesday.  Spoke with department and co store managers Monday, yesterday was the formal job offer.  Not as much money as I'd like but better than none.  Just am not able to make ends meet on Social Security plus what the boy pays in rent, especially now that he's drawing unemployment.  Stinks.  Was hoping to sit on my big lard behind forever 'til I fell over but it's ok.  Part time hours, will be getting 33 hours per week, at least through February, and probably after.  May be getting kicked upstairs if I do well at the starter job.  Hoping so because it will mean weekends off.  Am asking for time off in July for Shore Leave in Baltimore now.  Must have that week off.  Must.  Not missing it this year. 

Working weekends will mean missing meetings with the Vikings but that's ok.  I still like to play with them but it's getting on my nerves.  Some people have no other interests, or few other than that and I have other irons in the fire.  Was getting old with the other group, getting old again.  I like the dedication to accuracy but it's getting overwhelming.  Sometimes you just gotta do something for fun.

Have little Stinky here at the house for the next few days.  Dd and fiance are feuding again.  This is also getting old.    Enjoy stinky but she needs to be home too.  She's tired now and won't take a nap.  I'm putting on dinner soon and she's gonna eat and go to bed.  Last night she was sleeping very restlessly and fell out of bed three times.  She's used to her crib and here she has a cot.

I am getting a new bed.  Yippie!  The nasty bed bugs are history, finally got my retirement check from ACS, and got a bed.  Ordered yesterday, delivering tomorrow evening.  Can not wait to have a real bed again.  Cots are fine for camping and they're fairly comfortable, but I want my own bed.  Want blankets and not a sleeping bag.

Making Yule presents this year.  Finished my Mom's and three of the grandkids, Oldest dd and her hubby's are almost done.  Still have to make a cap for Jr and figure out what to do for the other three.  Cody says not to worry about him but he needs something, mainly new pants.  Since I'll be working and drawing a pay check soon, maybe I can pick him up a few pair. He ruins them at work, so anything I get now will last him the winter and at least 'til May. 

Need to make Yule candy and cookies.  Soon.  Have to get things ready to go into the mail early next week.  I go in for personnel something or another on Tuesday, Wed. off, and Thurs and Friday computer learning.  8 hours worth both days.  Do not have work schedule after that.  Do not know what youngest dd will do with stinky girl because I'll be working and not able to watch the little girlie after next Wed.  Unfortunately, as she works weekends, most day care centers are not open so she's going to have to find someone that has weekends off, and that will not be me.  I know it's gonna be evenings and weekends.  Every week.  That's when the volume is high so that's when I'll have to be there.  

It's been quite cold here lately.  Sub zero one night, last night almost that.  Got into the 30's today.  Seemed positively balmy after the last few days.  It does get cold here but we usually don't have those jet stream driven super cold snaps 'til January.  Specifically the third week in Jan. during the National Western Stock Show.  Especially do not like because it's been unseasonably warm up 'til now.  Temps in the 70's and almost 80's in October and 60's and 70's so far this month.  Not that we're complaining.  We like the warm.  And the furnace likes it too, gives it some time off.

Had to get a new fridge last week.  Old one just quit on me.  Of course, I'd had it for just over a year so no longer under warranty.  Was able to get a pretty good deal on a new one and now the new one has a funny smell in the bottom part. I hope it's not crapping out too.  Not paid off yet.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  May have a bad plug in there.  I do have another right next to it I can use but it's also for the nuker so I don't want both plugged into the same spot.  Can not afford an electrician to come out and check the wiring.  Cross your fingers for me and hope it's just something that got left uncovered (although I'm not seeing anything). and so far the freezer is keeping everything frozen and the stuff in the bottom is cold.

Putting up the tree tomorrow and hopefully the outside lights too.  Would like to have them up for a change.  Have not had since we moved in here almost 6 years ago.  Cannot mail holiday cards, all my addresses are gone. They were in my palm, which got wet somehow and reset and I can not access off the old 'puter due to the whatever is still wrong with it.  Maybe I can get the files pulled off there this week.  Shouldn't cost too much. 

Hope everyone out there in Dreamwidth and Live Journal land is doing well.

Really need to get off the couch

and accomplish something today.   Have two phone calls to make.  I may do everything else first. LOL  We all know how much I _love_ to talk on the phone.  Or may just bite the bullet and do it first.  Then off to Lowe's to get a new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal.  The faucet still works but after almost 6 years of water shooting everywhere, I'm done.  Besides, must replace the disposal so may as well do it when I can get at it easier.  Or rather when Cody can get at it easier. LOL  That's a man job.  We watched the video at the Lowe's web site and it's much easier than we expected.  The hardest part will be removing the old drain pipe coming out of the disposal.  For some unbeknown reason, whoever put in the last one used  a metric crap ton of tape and some kind of .......... stuff to attach.  It could be problematic removing.  I'll just get some extra drain pipe, will be easier.  I have several rolls of plumber's tape to get a good fit with the new pipe.  We're not replacing the gaskets that fit in the sink part, they're in good place and not leaking.  Not gonna fix something that ain't broke.  Then it's off to Michael's maybe.  If I can get a good coupon, to get some new yarn and a few circular knitting needles and a set of size 6 double points.  Maybe I should check and see if I already have those.  I may.  Two skeins of self striping yarn for caps, and possibly some yarn for slippers for Grandma.  She wants slippers that come way up her legs to keep them warm and I don't have enough leftovers to make a pair that long.  It's all good though, They go together fast and if I get the yarn before noon, they'll be done before dinner time.  Already noted that Dianne and Stephana's scarves were done, all I have to do on Tianna's is another about 3 inches.  Want to do caps for Junior and Tianna.  Junior at least.  Maybe the little girls too.  I thought Dianne had a hood on her coat but it's either come up missing or didn't have one.  I think came up missing.  I know it's in the closet, her mommy and daddy are pretty good on keeping track of her accessories.

Went to Recess, the local children's consignment store.  They had a Groupon, $10 for $25 purchase.  With the Groupon, we ended up spending a total of $13 to get her three complete new outfits, a new sweater, and a pair of leggings.  She's getting so tall nothing fits.  Told her mom to go through her things and pass on the outgrowns.  She can still wear some of the sweaters from last year that I picked up in the thrift stores but the pants are all too short.  Shopping the thrift stores is seriously hit or miss though.  Sometimes you go in and can find a few dozen items for the kids, and other times, they've got nada.  I try to hit them on "senior day" 'cause that way you can save more.  Occasionally it's cheaper to get new than used.  Need to go through the leftover yarn and knit her up a few sweaters for winter.

And on that note, I'll say buh bye and see y'all soon.

A Saturday well spent

Attended the "everything but the oink" event at Rock Ledge Historical Ranch yesterday.  The weather was supposed to be cold and windy, with a chance of rain, which we got for about 15 minutes.  Other than that, very little wind, mostly sunny.  The event was poorly attended, as usual.  Most people are not into watching a pig being butchered.  However, they also had soap making and blacksmithing going on as well.  The soap making was scary. They had one adult docent and some children making the soap.  None of them had ever done so before.  I left before they added the lye to the fat.  They just did not have much of a clue and I could see someone getting seriously injured.  The one girl wanted to pour the  hot off the fire fat to the lye, which you never do unless you want smoke, flames, spattering lye that can shoot for several feet, and a serious mess.  Finally convinced them to wait 'til the fat cooled and pour the lye into the fat, constantly stirring.  I've only done soap a few times but I know better than to attempt the things they thought they could do.  Since I'd done it and they hadn't they were more than willing to wait for someone with experience to handle that part.  The younger children left the scene or managed to find things to do well out of the way.  Made me feel a bit safer.  The butchering was interesting.  I didn't stay to see the cutting chops, ribs, etc.  Once you've done one critter, they're pretty much all the same.  Was interesting watching them do the first part of the cutting though.  They use almost the whole hog there at the ranch, all the meat goes towards the special meals they have during the year, the lard is rendered for soap making in the fall, and occasionally in the spring. I don't know what they do with the skin but it's used for something.  the bones are boiled down for flavoring soups and stews.  They also demonstrated making sausage in one of the homestead houses.  The building was beautiful.  I'd never been in that one.  Someone had rebuilt the out door oven (orno) at the homestead house in late summer as it was not rebuilt when we were there for July 4th.  they'd also used it a time or two.  Would like to see it in operation some time.  They had a barn dance going on as well and there's a young man that wanders around the grounds playing the fiddle, old pioneer songs and reels and the like.  He's at most events and really is quite good.  the two men that did the butchering run a custom butcher shop and were a wealth of information on usage of the different parts of the pig, where to take your game to get it processed, what all is entailed in doing a critter for yourself, etc.  We were able to get the bladder to salt and cure for an oil container for our reenactment group and also put in an order for a few cow bladders for the same thing.  We really did pick up some good hints and contacts for further research and supplies.  The blacksmithing was quite interesting.  The gentleman that does the smithing at the ranch is quite talented, not only repairing the antique tools and shoeing horses, but creating hinges and other items for modern homes.  We learned how to use a brass brush to apply a light brass  sheen to hot metal, how to wax, and how you can punch holes in iron.  He made a fire striker and a bottle opener while we were watching.  The bottle opener was really quite beautiful when it was done.  Had thought I would take Dianne aka the Stinky Girl with me but since the weather was threatening to be ugly, I decided not to.  Should have taken her as, except for the brief rain, the weather was quite nice and she would have found lots of things to see and other kids to play with.  That's always a plus for her.  She really enjoys seeing the animals there and wandering around looking at things.  she also likes the wandering musicians.  Ah well, next event she will get to go.  They have holiday meals and other stuff planned that I think she will like.
I did get some pictures, taken on the cell phone so not the best.  As soon as they're loaded up to my photobucket, I'll post them.

Hoping it does not get too cold tomorrow ..  Every thing but the Oink, traditional pig processing.  Sounds like fun, and free for me because I'm a member.  We'll learn about butchering, sausage making, and soap making.  Did the soap making thing last weekend with the Vikings, was a lot of fun and the weather was glorious.  We were able to do everything outside (which is a good thing because lye and water make nasty fumes).  We'll cut up the soap maybe tomorrow.  The kindred is doing another soap making event in two weeks so should have lots of experience.  I'd like to do some myself but really, do I need to?  Can I sell it?  Would it make good presents?  It's kind of fun but really, do I need to do this?  Maybe.  I don't need yet another craft. LOL 

I've actually been getting things made, finished two scarves for grand babies.  Almost done with the third.  Need to go through my yarn to see what I have so I can start making more presents.  I think I'll make my Mom a nice pair of bootie slippers.  I can't find the ones she wants but I can make something that will keep her feet and legs warm.  Assuming I have enough yarn of matching colors.  There's always that. LOL  I have tons but it's all little bits of this and that.  I think a stocking cap for Junior.  One with a long tail.  He can wrap it around his neck when he has to ride the bus in the morning.  He's such a stinky  little boy.  Apparently he decided that since he didn't want to take his nap yesterday, disrobing would be the next best option.  It wasn't.  Don't know what was going through his mind but that's ok.  He's only 4, almost 5.  I'm not too sure that understanding the mind of a 4 year old is something I need to do.  

Had something else I wanted to say but it's escaping me at the moment so apparently it was not important.

Have a great day everyone!

On the menu for today ......

Left over Hallowe'en candy.  Usually I get a few kids but this year none.  Made a nice fritatta for breakfast.  A few pieces of bacon, some onions from the garden, and some spinach with a dozen eggs.  Breakfast for the rest of the week.  Maybe.  It's so goooooooooooood.  Will roast pepitas tonight.  Still cleaning off the "stringers" from the two pumpkins I carved.  Got to see middle dd's three dressed up.  Her hubby got them light up hallowe'en baskets.  was seriously cool, you could spot them from a block away walking down the street.  Junior was Buzz Lightyear, Tianna was Barbie but cuter, and Stephana was a little dog with big droopy ears.  Of course by the time I got them, she'd already gone to sleep.  Long day for a little girl. Junior tried to give me half his candy.  He says he's not going to eat much this year.  He likes his teeth too much. LOL  He's a funny boy.

Did not get to see bebe D in her bumble bee costume.  Hoping that Mom took pictures of her.  If not, I'll dress her up and get some.  The kids got lucky, the weather was quite nice, only a light sweater needed.  This is supposed to change tonight.  Cody is happy, he wants a day off.  We have a winter weather warning, which means maybe snow and definitely cold temps, for tonight and tomorrow.  He keeps forgetting though, that they pay for those days off by working Friday and Saturday.  They've been quite busy this year, his boss says weather permitting, they will be working through the first part of December.  Weather will probably permit.  Last year they were done mid September. He was supposed to apply at another landscaper where they do snow removal but he says he will try to get an inside job instead.  He's smart enough to know that even though he makes a decent wage, he can make more working year round even though he's actually making a big less per hour.  Could never convince the ex that by only working 3-4 months, while he did make good money then, he wasn't making anything for 9 months and never came close to what everyone else was getting.  Some people are just stupid.

Garbage disposal crapped out yesterday.  Will have to pick up a new one next week.  Cheapest I found is about $80.  Not getting a big heavy duty one, really do not see the need for one.  If we were allowed to compost, I wouldn't really need one at all.  Property owner thinks composters are "unsightly" though, unless you get one of the big fancy ones that flip over by themselves and all.  Don't need that much compost.  Probably could sell though. LOL  I know some people that garden too.

Cabbage finally harvested, cabbage burgers to come.  And purple dye for wool with the left overs.  Yay!  Just an experiment to see what happens.  Apparently one can get anything from blue to purple to pink out of them depending on mordant and presoak compounds.  Someone said it wasn't a lightfast dye but someone else said it worked pretty well.  We'll just have to see. 

My WIP pile is getting smaller.  Finished scarves for Dianne and Stephana, slippers for Dianne, and am almost done with Tianna's scarf.  Still have slippers for middle dd's three kiddos and a hat for Junior.  And my oldest's bed spread.  That one will take a looooong time.  It's a king size bed so will take a ton of yarn that I will have to buy.  Fortunately, I have enough scraps and stuff that I got for other projects to make the kid's prezzies with.  I knew I picked up all that yarn when it was on sale for a good reason. LOL  I have tons of acrylic though, and don't like using it but it'll work for scarves and caps.  Want to make Scotty's cap from the new Star Trek. I have two patterns to try, just need the right size circular needles.

Fall harvesting, little stinky people, and other odds and ends

Except for a few onions and the cabbage (coming in in a few days), we're done for the fall.  In general, the garden was pretty productive.  Bell peppers off and on did well, tomatoes as well.  Cabbage, for some reason, is not wanting to head up although they're starting to look more like real cabbage heads now.  I think semi cool start to the summer and then very dry and warm later.  We had our first frost a few days ago which is seriously late for us.  We usually have a hard frost by Oct 1 and the frosts we've had have not been real hard.  The fennel is still putting out new growth and the parsley as well, even though the plants have been mulched and moved for the winter.  Would like to get the fennel into the ground next summer so I can actually harvest a few bulbs.  Will wait and see if they're going to grow from seed.  I didn't get all the seeds picked as I'd intended to but got a few ounces.  Also dried some fennel leaves.  The mint oil was kind of a bust but I know what I did wrong.  Will be able to make more next summer.  Also squash and pumpkin. Big busts.  Got only two squash out of three plants and the pumpkins only got about 1 inch around before they got knocked off the vines. I'm blaming the feral cats as there were very few coons this season and I shooed a ton of cats (ok the same ones but multiple  times) out of that part of the garden.

I guess I get to take care of the stinky girl now on a regular basis.  Apparently day care is not something the sil is interested in.  It's all good though, I don't mind and can probably some kind of compensation for doing so.  I'd rather take care of her than take care of customers so this could be a good thing.  Besides, I rather like taking care of her.  She's a lot of fun, and doesn't tear the house up much.  She's finally getting to where she'll help pick up toys and put away.  Don't get a whole lot done though, when she's home as she likes to "help".  Toddler help is not a good thing most of the time. LOL  The only problem I'm going to have is that my dd works weekends and, of course, the Vikings meet on the weekends so I may not be going to many meetings.  Since I'm burning out on them, this will give me an excuse to sit back and decide if I really want to continue as a member or not.  May also give me a chance to get my own personal middle ages crafting more up to date.

Bugs.  I HATES them.  I can not tell you how much.  My middle dd had issues with bed bugs.  I'm not sure if they came from her or from something I got from one of the thrift stores.  Her stuff I think since no one else got them and several of us went thrifting together.  Ya never know though, could have been a beginning infestation that I picked up.  Anyway, cost me an old couch and my bed.  Not to mention over $200 in insecticides.  Finally got some really good stuff and fumigated and sprayed real good last month.  Did the second spraying with the good stuff yesterday and saw only two bugs.  I gave the carpet a second good spraying today.  I think one more spraying and that should be the end of it.  Now I can get another bed.  Upsets me because the last one I had was a good bed, first good one in a few decades and I really hated to pitch it but once they're infested, they're infested.  They _say_ you can hire someone to heat treat but it's expensive and may need to be done a few times.  Same reason I decided to do my own fumigation.  I've been spraying since June.  Commercial fumigation would have cost me over $1000 and taken the same length of time as they have to do multiple trips.  Bed bugs are a bear to get rid of but I think we finally got 'em.  when I get the new mattress, I'm getting one of the bug proof mattress covers as I am not getting yet another bed because of bugs.  Decided as long as I was spraying book cases and books yet again, that I would re arrange this time.  I haven't decided if I like it or not, but it's a switch.  We'll see.

The return of Stinky girl

I'm mad at my Nana.  she has not been updating on my activities!  I know that everyone out there in the interwebs is very interested in my every activity.  I am very interesting.

Yesterday Nana took me to the park.  We did not go to the playground this time.  Nana took me to the nature center.  It was open so we got to go inside and look out the windows. I got to play with the animal puppets, see and feel the pelts, and make foot prints in sand.  I did not know that different animals had different foot prints.  I learned something new.  Then Nana took me on a walk around the wildlife preserve.  I did not get to ride in my stroller.  She says I have to build up my leg muscles.  I already have leg muscles. I do not need to get more, but she says that I will be going on longer and longer hikes and I need to be strong.  Anyway, we went on the hike.  I walked the trail the whole way and it was far.  Nana says it's almost a mile.  I got to see cat tails.  They are very tall.  The ends are soft and some are starting to go to seed.  The seeds are big and fluffy.  I got to touch them.  They are soft like my cat.  Next I got to see a turtle sunning on a log.  I watched the little waterfall.  Then we walked further along the trail.  I got to stop and listen to birds singing.  We heard lots of different birds. I didn't see any birds though.  I did see a big dragon fly.  It was pretty.  It had a bright blue body and big wings.  I got to see Grandfather Cottonwood.  It is a really big tree and very old.  Nana has pictures of my mommy climbing in the tree but I did not climb.  I was "being fussy".  I don't think I was fussy but what do I know.  Next we saw the duck and geese ponds.  There were no geese there today.  They must be in the long pond.  Or at the other park.  I think that's where they are.  They come to the nature center to nest but they do not have eggs now.  I did not see any geese flying.  We saw the egret.  It must really be big because it looked big and it was far away.  I saw more dragon flies.  I got to sit down on a bench. We were waiting for the deer to walk by but they didn't.  There must have been too many people in the park.  It was nice though, we got to sit in the shade and rest.  We walked through the milk weed field.  I got to see milk weed pods that were open and letting their seeds go.  they are really big and fluffy, even bigger than the cat tail seeds.  Nana says that people used to stuff pillows with them a long time ago. The pillows must have been really soft.  They float away like dandelion seeds and I don't get in trouble for playing with them.  We saw a big squirrel too, when we were almost out of the park.  I thought we would see more animals but I guess they mostly come out at dusk and dawn.  I am supposed to be in bed then.  It was fun to go to the park but I was very tired.  I was not tired enough to take a nap.  Mommy says I am stinky because I don't nap much anymore. She thinks I'm getting sick.  I have been fighting going to sleep and not eating much.  I'm not being too bad though, just crabby when I get overly tired.  I am going to the doctor on Tuesday to see if I am healthy or not.

It's been forever

Since I've visited either dreamwidth or LiveJournal.  Yes, I am still alive and kicking. Still an ill tempered old coot.  Still crotchety. 

Since it's mid September, I've pretty much put my garden to bed.  Still have a bell pepper plant going good, and one tomato plant.  Picked most of the onions, still have about half a dozen that need to be picked but they're not ready yet.  Cabbage is super slow to head.  I wish they would ripen.  Craving cabbage burgers and stuffed cabbage.  I have 8 heads, four green and 4 purple almost ripe.  The squash was a bust. Got one last month and another ripening now.  Pumpkins, well we will not be trying them next year.  I got a few small ones, less than an inch around, that fell or were knocked off the vines before ripening.  Between feral cats, raccoons, and kids playing basket ball, they never had much of a chance.

Still debating on making cactus jelly this year.  I have pectin from last year and the cactus flowers are free, plus have a few dozen jars so maybe I should.  OTOH, if I can't unload the stuff at the winter craft fairs, I'm stuck with it all and we don't do much jelly in my house. What to do,  What to do.  Maybe should make some and try to sell on Etsy.  It _is_ pretty yummy and with what I learned last year, should come out beautifully clear, solidly set, and with a good ruby red color.  Need to make Yule presents for everyone.  No cash for store bought stuff this time around. 

Middle dd is wanting to move back in "just for a week, 'til the first of the month".  We, the rent/mortgage paying members of this family took a vote, and it was a unanimous NO.  I have no idea what her issue is, we've told her time and again that she will loose the kids if she doesn't provide a stable home for them.  She was here in January while she was getting approved for her condo.  Managed to somehow not pay rent for a month or three, had a friend that set a fire in the apartment, and got evicted.  Into a weekly rent motel for a few weeks, on to a "friend of a friend"s place for about 5-6weeks.  Then she moved  into a homeless shelter, although she did qualify for one of the domestic abuse shelters.  Because she refused to press charges, they would not admit her.  I can totally see their point, there's no sense in making space for someone who's only going to back to their abuser in a few weeks.  So two weeks in a homeless shelter with three small children.  the agency that runs the shelter put her into an apartment complex.  Rules were simple, pay 1/3 of the rent, due to her low income.  Pay half utilities, no alcohol or drugs on premises.  Be in before curfew.  Curfew was 10:00.  Seriously. You have three children under age 5. They should be home and in bed long before then.  That lasted for about 6 weeks. Now she's staying with a friend and she can't stay there.  I don't know what will happen now.  Considering taking in the kids so they won't have to stay in shelter and then maybe she can stay where she is 'til the first.  Other than that though, I'm done.  Miss my little bebes.  They're good kids and deserve way better.  You can't change schools more than twice in a school year without DHS interfering.  Why won't they do something when a parent moves every month or every two months.  The poor things don't know where they live and the apartment she was given was really nice.  Ok, not the fanciest, but nice.  Furnished. Had washer and dryer.  This is a big thing when you have 3 kids.  On top of that, residents can stay there for two years and put away funds.  They also get to keep the furniture and washer/dryer when they move if they abide by the few rules for a year.  How hard can it be?

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